Roma Kindergarten


We are excited to continue working among the Roma this winter and spring.  Two years ago, an American Presbyterian Missionary, in cooperation with the local Hungarian Reformed Church, began a kindergarten ministry for Roma children in two local Roma camps.  The kindergartens emphasize stories and lessons from the Bible, teach songs and prayer, play games and crafts, learn how to behave and have self-discipline in social settings.  The Lord has blessed the work in the kindergartens and they are very well attended by children from the camps.  Stacey and I attend at least one morning a week where Stacey helps in the kindergarten.

Recently, we were able to purchase tooth brushes and tooth paste for the children and Stacey led an oral hygiene clinic.  A majority of the children do not have tooth brushes at home and daily oral hygiene is unfortunately not a high priority.  Stacey taught them about dental health and demonstrated how to properly brush their teeth.  All of the children had an opportunity to practice and hopefully will continue to brush their teeth at home. The children actively participated and appeared to most enjoy spitting the tooth paste out.

About Eric Hoeksema

Stacey, my wife, and I are located in western Ukraine, living with and working among a Hungarian population in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

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