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A busy summer in Ukraine and Hungary, traveling from English camp to English camp left us with very little time and opportunity to keep our website and blog updated.  After returning back to the U.S. this autumn we became immersed with work and the harvest season; updating our website was saved for a rainy day.  If I can be critical of myself, I (Eric) need to learn to be a better manager of time and be more diligent in making time for communication as well as setting aside time to work and update our blog and website.  For the first three weeks of December, we are back in Michigan while I undergo treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer and in between treatments we are trying to make a priority of updating this website.

With daylight becoming shorter and the days colder with each passing day into winter, the flower scented beautiful days of spring seem but a distant memory. Reflecting on the year 2014 I am drawn back to the warm Transcarpathian spring evenings.  Of the many highlights we had in the spring of 2014, one was a seven week Bible study that we were able to hold in Beregszasz, a city of about 30,000, about 30 miles from our home village of Peterfalva.  In past years when we have done a Bible study it has been attended by mostly university students.  This year the LORD blessed the weekly Bible study and it grew significantly.  Over the course of the spring we routinely had 15-20 people come for the Bible study and it became more of an international group than just a university group.  A number of Dutch nonprofit workers living in Ukraine joined us and the university students for the Bible study, as well as a number of German young people who were living in Ukraine for a year of service volunteering.  We were so thankful for this opportunity to meet so many young adults and students.  We continually marveled at how incredible it was for so many people from so many cultures and languages to come together to worship the Triune God.

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Stacey, my wife, and I are located in western Ukraine, living with and working among a Hungarian population in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

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