English Camp Information

 Tentative Camp Period Dates: End of May-July, 2016

As part of our long term goal of building relationships and reaching out to the youth of Transcarpathia and Hungary, we partner with local schools and churches to organize summer English camps.  The objective is not only to teach conversational English, but to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Knowledge of the English language has a broad appeal to this generation.  It is seen as a means to further oneself and to afford many opportunities for the future.  This makes English camps widely accepted and appreciated.  For this reason, the English camps are an excellent means of sharing the Gospel and living out a Christ like example to encourage and strengthen the faith of the youth.

Each summer we help organize a series of English summer camps.  We seek to recruit native English speakers who are willing to not only teach, but to participate in leading, organizing, and partaking in the many tasks of the English camps.  Being a teacher is not a necessary qualification.  In the past, most of our volunteers have not had degrees in education.  Our volunteers have come from a variety of settings including college students, retirees, husband-wife teams, etc.  Volunteers would take part in:

  • Teaching conversational English classes
  • Leading devotions and singing
  • Organizing games/activities/sports and recreation
  • Daily interaction and serving as a role model for the young people attending camp

If you are post high school and in good health and . . .

  1. Seek to live in obedience to Christ; daily acknowledging Him as Lord and Savior
  2. Are creative, imaginative, flexible, adventurous, and possessing a sense of humor
  3. Anticipate experiencing a new culture and all of the amazing facets that entails: language, food, traditions . . .

. . . then you may interested in this unique opportunity to serve in Eastern Europe.  Below is a brief description of two of the camps, their locations and dates.

Peterfalva, Ukraine English Camp

Dates: June 2016

This camp is a mandatory English camp which is part of the English curriculum at a Hungarian Reformed Christian High School.  The school is located in a small Hungarian speaking village located in western Ukraine called Peterfalva.  Typically 50-60 students attend this two week camp, ranging in age from 13-16 years old.  The school is a boarding school so the students live on campus and are there for the duration of the camp.  Daily devotions are held at breakfast and supper.  Mornings are spent in English lessons and singing.  Afternoons are spent doing a variety of activities including sports/recreation/service projects.   Each student is required to spend one afternoon completing a service project in their local community.  These include visiting orphans at a local children’s hospital and visiting widows and the elderly in the village.  Evenings tend to be social, spent playing games and interacting with students.  At the conclusion of the camp, students take an exam of what they have learned.  Following this, there is a closing ceremony and program for parents to see skits and songs learned by the students.  One highlight of the camp is a day away trip taken to the Carpathian Mountains to go hiking.  The camp provides for a fun and interactive learning environment in which students consider a highlight of the school year.

Vachartyan, Hungary English Camp

Dates: July 2015

This camp is an English camp with emphasis on evangelism and outreach.  The camp is hosted by Pastor Ferenc Barnabás Gergely and his wife, Lívia, who serve a Hungarian Reformed church located in Vachartyan, Hungary.  This is a small village 20 miles outside of Budapest, Hungary.  Normally 40-50 students attend this camp, from ages 13-20 years old.  Some students attend the local church and youth group; other students come from the local community and surrounding villages.  The camp day runs from 9 until 4 when the students go home.  During this time, students attend singing and devotions, several English lessons, and games and activities.   At the end of the camp the students perform for their parents displaying what they have learned.  Following the conclusion of the camp day we often are able to visit local attractions including a castle and some picturesque towns on the banks of the Danube River.  All volunteers will stay with Hungarian host families during the duration of the camp.

We are working on and developing other camps and opportunities.  We will likely be involved in three more camps during this period of time.  These camps will be in Ukraine and in Croatia.  Please ask us for more information or check back with us as these dates and opportunities develop in the upcoming months.


**It is not a requirement to come for the entire camp session of June 13 – July 25.  We are flexible and if it works for you to come only for one of the camps, we can work around your schedule.

**Transportation will be provided for you to and from Budapest, Hungary which is the nearest international airport.

**Transportation and Room/Board during the camp sessions are provided and of NO cost to you.

Cost to you:

  • Round trip airfare
  • Personal expenses incurred while site seeing (food, budget lodging, attractions, etc.)

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us and ask about specific plans and dates.  Please visit the photo gallery to see pictures from the 2012, 2013, 2014, and2015 camps.