English Camp Information

 Tentative Camp Period Dates: End of June 1-August 5

As part of our long term goal of building relationships and reaching out to the youth of Transcarpathia and Hungary, we partner with local schools and churches to organize summer English camps.  The objective is not only to teach conversational English, but to share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Knowledge of the English language has a broad appeal to this generation.  It is seen as a means to further oneself and to afford many opportunities for the future.  This makes English camps widely accepted and appreciated.  For this reason, the English camps are an excellent means of sharing the Gospel and living out a Christ like example to encourage and strengthen the faith of the youth.

Each summer we help organize a series of English summer camps.  We seek to recruit native English speakers who are willing to not only teach, but to participate in leading, organizing, and partaking in the many tasks of the English camps.  Being a teacher is not a necessary qualification.  In the past, most of our volunteers have not had degrees in education.  Our volunteers have come from a variety of settings including college students, retirees, husband-wife teams, etc.  Volunteers would take part in:

  • Teaching conversational English classes
  • Leading devotions and singing
  • Organizing games/activities/sports and recreation
  • Daily interaction and serving as a role model for the young people attending camp

If you are post high school and in good health and . . .

  1. Seek to live in obedience to Christ; daily acknowledging Him as Lord and Savior
  2. Are creative, imaginative, flexible, adventurous, and possessing a sense of humor
  3. Anticipate experiencing a new culture and all of the amazing facets that entails: language, food, traditions . . .

Please Contact us at ehoekse@hotmail.com