Nagybereg and Tiszaujvaros English Camps


Camps continue into the summer.  Each camp, a new location, a new setting, and a new opportunity to help students learn English and more importantly, each camp opens a door to share the Gospel.  Following the two-week camp in Peterfalva, we moved on to a second Reformed High School here in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, in the village of Nagybereg.  This camp is one week long and, because we do not organize this camp, we only have a teaching role, it allows us a little rest after the two week Peterfalva camp.  We are thankful for this opportunity to spend a week in Nagybereg and we enjoy getting to know both the students and staff at this school.  This camp was attended by about 100 students.  We enjoyed working with the staff at the Nagybereg Reformed High School and were thankful to God for the collection of volunteer teachers who came together to put this camp on.


David Guba with Nagybereg Students

Following the Nagybereg camp we took our volunteers (who consisted at this point of Dylan, David Guba – who had joined from Canada and helped us in three camps, and Bogi and Csilla, two local university students) to Slovakia for a one day site seeing trip to the mountains.  Our next camp was in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary.  This was our second year conducting a camp with the Tiszaujvaros Hungarian Reformed Church.  We became acquainted with the church in the winter of 2015 after our van broke down on the highway near the church.  The pastors of this congregations quickly came to our aid and put us up for the night.  We are thankful to God for the friendship we share with the pastors and members of this church.  Now for a second summer in a row we praise God that we could hold a summer English and Outreach camp on the grounds of the church.  We hope and pray that through the devotions and worship and by faithfully setting a Christ-like example to the teenage students that the Holy Spirit can use these humble efforts to encourage the seed of faith to grow and flourish.  From 9am-3pm, 20-25 students from the community attended this week-long camp for English lessons, devotions and singing, games and activities, and lunch. Here is a link to more photos from these two camps.


Dylan Lundberg and Csilla Kodobocz leading devotions for students in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary


Nagybereg Reformed High School students during afternoon free time. Nagybereg, Ukraine

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