Nagybereg English Camp


Nagybereg, Ukraine, June 7-12.  Our camp season began with a one week camp at a Hungarian Reformed boarding school in the village of Nagybereg, Ukraine.  Approximately 120 students attend this boarding school and took part in this camp.  While we have worked with the Nagybereg Reformed Lyceum for many years, traveling there during the school year for weekly afternoon English classes, a summer English camp here is relatively new to us.  Last year we were asked to come and help with a summer English camp for their students and we have enjoyed partnering with them for the past two summers in this endeavor.

A typical day at English camp began with breakfast and devotions led by volunteer English teachers.  Mornings, stretching into early afternoons consisted of six different 45 minute blocks for English classes.  Students receive English grammar lessons throughout the year, so during our camps we focus our English lessons on conversation, giving the students an opportunity to listen to and understand native English speakers, allowing them to practice speaking English.  English lessons involve various topics from Bible and faith themed lessons, history, cultural, and geography lessons about English speaking countries.  Singing, games, role plays and skits also form an important part of daily English lessons encouraging students to practice and use English in fun and informal ways.

Following afternoon free time and study halls, a time of activities and games helps the students to use energy before supper. After supper we have a second daily devotion period led by volunteer English teachers who share their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ with the students.  Days close with free time for games, Christian themed movies, and visiting. Water games and a folk dance evening were also highlights of the camp.

A special thanks to Andras Mako, Agnes Garanyi and the rest of the Nagybereg staff for their efforts in organizing and making this camp a success.  Please visit our photo gallery or click on the link below to see pictures of this camp.

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