New Year Return to the Old World

Traveling during the busy Christmas season with the threat of winter weather, flight delays and/or cancellations, is reason enough to have a little anxiety about flying.  Having an energetic and mobile toddler brings us added concern about air travel.  Hans has thus far proved to be a champion traveler.  He even seems to enjoy it.  Our previous flights with Hans have all occurred before he could walk and when he was content to sit in our laps.  Thankfully there was little to worry about as we continue so far to have a natural born traveler on our hands.  Hans once again seemed to be curious, interested, and enjoying himself as we traveled.  Smiling at people, watching all the busy coming and going, and befriending the stewardess.  The first leg of our flight was cancelled due to poor weather in Chicago and we were reconnected through Philadelphia and actually arrived earlier.  We flew British Airways, who allow for missionaries to take extra luggage.  We decided to make use of this and take a box of English Bibles to give to graduating students this coming spring.  Hans traveled well, our flights were smooth, all the luggage arrived, and the airline food was great.  We had a lot to be thankful for, and we were thankful to God for a safe arrival back to Eastern Europe.

We spent some wonderful months in the U.S. this past autumn.  We enjoyed the time with family and are very thankful for the employment we received once again this harvest season in North Carolina.  Once again God richly blessed our time back in the U.S. with work, time with family and friends, and traveling to visit churches and schools.  The autumn was not without its challenges, as my mother had a serious bicycle accident, had her spleen removed and suffered from subsequent blood clots.  We praise God for the recovery He has given her.

After arriving back to Hungary and spending New Years with friends, we welcomed a group from Pella, Iowa who came for 11 days.  We have been busy this month hosting this group and traveling with them, moving into the house we will live in again here in Peterfalva, and getting busy organizing our programs and activities as the winter/spring semester begins.  Thank you for the continued support and prayers.  We wish you the Lord’s blessing in the new year.  Eric & Stacey, and Hans

About Eric Hoeksema

Stacey, my wife, and I are located in western Ukraine, living with and working among a Hungarian population in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

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