Summer Closes and Autumn Arrives

Our third and final camp this summer took place back in Ukraine in the middle of July.  We were invited by a local university to organize a three day English camp with the students from their English department.  This camp was with students more advanced in English than the prior camps, allowing for new opportunities and new challenges.  Although the university was a secular school, we were free to incorporate the Gospel and our faith into the classes.  We were thankful for this opportunity, however brief, and we pray that we can build upon the relationships we made with these students we met this summer.

One summer highlight was a visit from Eric’s parents in the end of July and early August.  It was great to have them visit us in Ukraine and to be able to spend time with them.  We enjoyed showing them around, doing some traveling, visiting friends, and attending the wedding of a friend, Timi, a student who had lived with them and studied years ago.

Goodbyes are often hard.  It was bittersweet leaving Ukraine at the end of summer.  It was tough to say goodbye to friends over there and to leave one home and return to another home.  This past August we returned home completing another tour in Ukraine and Hungary.  We spent a few days in Michigan in the end of August and are currently in North Carolina. It is good to see family and friends in the months that we are home. The past few years it has been our practice to arrive in Ukraine in January and to stay until August.  We returned to the U.S. for the autumn months to work in North Carolina.  Eric has been working in agriculture helping with corn, soybean, and cotton harvests, as well soil sampling.  Stacey has a job as a waitress at a local café. Please keep us in your prayers as we spent these next months in the U.S. working and preparing for a return to Eastern Europe in January following Christmas.  Please check our website for information about our summer English camps in the summer of 2014 and for new blog entries and photo galleries.  Thank you for visiting this page.  Thank you so much to all who support us in Eastern Europe and for your interest in our work in the region.  God Bless.

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Stacey, my wife, and I are located in western Ukraine, living with and working among a Hungarian population in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

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