Travel Back to Ukraine

We are thankful to God that our travel here to Ukraine went smoothly this past January. Hans enjoyed flying and took it in stride. We continue to be both thankful and amazed at his ease in traveling. He marveled at being in an airplane. He enjoyed watching all the people and all the activity involved with air travel. Hans quickly adjusted to the time change and a new sleeping schedule upon our arrival, more quickly then his parents. We are thankful in how easily he transitions between cultures and languages.

After spending the autumn months in North Carolina. It has been a great to return to Transcarpathia, Ukraine this past January. It is good to be “home”. We are often asked where are home is. It is not an easy question to answer. We often reply that we have many homes but that Transcarpathia, Ukraine is certainly a home for us. It is the place we spend the majority of our time and it is a beautiful place filled with close friends who always graciously welcome us back. We were also greeted with snow, lots of snow! I had not seen a winter like this in some years here in Ukraine. December and January were very snowy and wintery months. However, as we continue to hear about the cold and blistery conditions that remain in the U.S., we have enjoyed a turn towards spring in the second half of February. The first flowers, called snow flowers are already doting gardens in the village. We have enjoyed a warm welcome from neighbors, friends, and students. It is our hope and prayer that we can, through God’s grace alone serve the people of these communities in both Hungary and Ukraine, and bring glory to God, serving Him by sharing the Gospel and love of Christ

About Eric Hoeksema

Stacey, my wife, and I are located in western Ukraine, living with and working among a Hungarian population in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

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